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“The City I See” is a collection of digital photographs created in 2016.
The images are of locations in the Harrisburg area and have been digitally altered to portray a variety of feelings and emotions.
Each one illustrates a direct connection with the feelings I’ve experienced about the world around me. Sometimes life is confusing, sometimes busy, and sometimes calm. I hope to convey the change in the world and my own life.
Finding balance in the ups and downs is the goal I move toward.
Calm with My Black Swan
A view of Italian Lake, while feeling the warmth of fall and the peace of the water. The Black Swan is a graceful reminder of truth to oneself and being fearless. The fountain and stage behind it represents happiness and celebration for me because of the many live music concerts that take place where I enjoy dancing and spending time with friends. It's a place that makes me smile.
Dizzy and Confused
The distorted view of Market Street Bridge from City Island represents the feeling of being out of control. I feel like the future is unclear. The wind whips my face and almost knocks me down. The pillars remind me of my legs that buckle.
Chaos in the City
A view of Second Street Harrisburg from the River Street Garage in Harrisburg illustrates the busyness of life exaggerated through the distorted, directionless movement of the buildings. The shapes of buildings show feelings of anxiety, tight and constricted.
Alone at the capitol
A photograph of the capitol complex with almost no one in view to express the feeling of loneliness in a big world. The image also creates the feeling of order.
Reflections and Repetition
A view of the Susquehanna River from Riverfront Park, while reflecting on the comfort and consistency of the arches illustrating stability in life.
Calm with My Black SwanDizzy and ConfusedChaos in the CityAlone at the CapitolReflections and Repetition