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The Harrisburg Shakespeare Company presents Shakespeare In the Park performing Romeo & Juliet.
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Romeo & Juliet Cast/Crew

Peter: Grace Hoover
Sampson: Toby Bradbury
Gregory: Izaak Oliphant
Benvolio: David Ramon Zayas
Abraham: Aidan Roth
Balthasar: Brendan Downey
Capulet: Dan Burke
Montague: Clem Onukwubiri
Tybalt: Thomas Weaver
Livia: Aneesa Neibauer
Chorus/Apothecary: Amy Alleman Burke
Helena: Emily Gray
Page: Paradisia Brenize
Friar John: Bernard Joseph
Officer: Emma Adams
Lady Capulet: Christina Closs
Lady Montague: Francesca Amendolia
Prince Escalus: Charles Hooker
Paris: Eric Dexter Brown
Mercutio: Ian Potter
Romeo: Jeremy Patterson
Nurse: Amber Mann
Juliet: Courtney Halla Roy
Friar Laurence: Bill Eissler

Artistic Director: J. Clark Nicholson
Executive Director: Melissa Nicholson
Director: Karen Ruch
Production Stage Manager: Brianna Dow
Sound Designer: Michael Banks
Lighting Designer:Karen Gasser
Scenic Designer: Ian Potter
Costume Designer: LA Hammond
Costume Designer: Amanda Owens
Props Designer: Amy Alleman Burke
Fight DIrector: Dan Burke

Costume Assistant: Erin Schubert
Sound Assistant: Elliot Kermit-Canfield
Lighting Assistant: Heidi Kelso
Senic Painting: Ian Potter and Jud Nicholson
Assistant Stage Manager: Hannah Avcin-Roda
Production Assistants: Scott Huntsberger and Heidi Kelso
Choreographer: Nancy J. Walker
Assistant Choreographer: Jef Savage
Dramaturg: Noel Sloboda
Artwork: Robinson Smith
Producer: Melissa H. Nicholson
Volunteer Coordinator: Kathryn Spurr
Program Design: Brianna Dow

Funding for Romeo and Juliet is made possible through the generous support of The Cultural Enrichment Fund, Pennsylvania Council on the Arts, The Franklin H. and Ruth L. Wells Foundation, The Puffin Foundation, ABC27, and Gamut Theatre members.