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Harrisburg Young Professionals presents the annual Italian Lake Summer Concert Series!

Photos from the events by Debra Schell / ©Debra Schell 2014 and details below:

Creekside Soul at Italian Lake on June 22, 2014

About Creekside Soul:
Reese and Wendy Crane (husband and wife duo) play covers from soulful sounds of Motown and Philly to Nashville-famous tunes. Check them out on Facebook.

The Villones at Italian Lake on Aug. 3, 2014
About The Villones:
The Villones, Dean and Vicki, have been performing together in a wide variety of venues for over ten years. While their musical skills enable them to perform a large variety of music, in many genres, they carefully choose both music and arrangements in anticipation of each venue individually.

ONE MORE CONCERT on Aug. 17 ! Come out to Italian Lake!
Sabrina Duke Band
If you’re looking for a soulful sound with powerful female vocals, then check out the Sabrina Duke Band! With a unique style touted as “hardsoul,”her four-octave range and band’s engaging performance rarely go unnoticed.
Creekside SoulCreekside SoulCreekside SoulCreekside SoulCreekside SoulCreekside SoulCreekside SoulThe VillonesThe Villones