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Brandywine Creek State Park, Delaware
© Debra Schell / 2014
Images created August 15, 2014
This 933-acre park is divided by grey stone walls built of local stone in the late 1800's. At that time the property was a dairy farm owned by the du Pont family. This unique area became a state park in 1965, one of the first parks in the nation to be purchased with Land and Water Conservation Funds.Delaware's first two nature preserves are located within Brandywine Creek State Park: Tulip Tree Woods, a majestic stand of 190-year-old tulip poplar, and Freshwater Marsh. An extensive meadow management program, active bluebird population program, and variety of habitats make Brandywine Creek State Park an outstanding place to see wildflowers, songbirds, deer, and other flora and fauna. Many species of hawks can be seen migrating over the valley from mid-September to mid-November.
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