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Photographs ©Debra Schell/ 2014
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Photographs from Harrisburg Shakespeare Company’s 21st season at the Levitt Pavilion in Reservoir Park!
This season HSC is proud to present William Shakespeare’s Antony & Cleopatra.

Passion, war, and betrayal erupt in this rich romantic tragedy. Although the sensual Cleopatra has conquered the heart of Rome’s greatest soldier, Marc Antony must choose between duty and desire. When Antony is recalled by Rome and duty, the trajectory of the play is set in motion: furious jealousy, betrayal, humiliation, reconciliation, and a love that sets the paradigm for all romantic love.

Bring a chair, bring a blanket and bring a friend! Enjoy some of Harrisburg’s best food while experiencing Shakespeare under the stars!

WHEN: May 30th – June 14th. Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings at 7:30 PM

ANTONY – Philip Wheeler
CLEOPATRA – Francesca Amendolia
OCTAVIUS – Jeff Luttermoser
ENOBARBUS – Thomas Weaver
LEPIDUS / SCARUS – Jeremy Burkett
DOLLABELLA / MENAS – Jeffrey Rensch
CHAIRMIAN – Tara Herweg
THIDIAS – Aidan Roth
MECAENAS – Bernard Joseph
ALEXAS / TAURUS – Collins Wilson
OCTAVIA / GALLUS – Kathryn Miller
IRAS – Miranda Zerbe
AGRIPPA – David Richwine
EROS – Joseph Grabeic

Directed by Karen Ruch
Antony and Cleopatra 1Antony and Cleopatra 2Antony and Cleopatra 3Antony and Cleopatra 4Antony and Cleopatra 5Antony And Cleopatra 6Antony and Cleopatra 7Antony and Cleopatra 8Antony and Cleopatra 9Antony and Cleopatra 10Antony and Cleopatra 11Antony and Cleopatra 12Antony and Cleopatra 13Antony and Cleopatra 14Antony and Cleopatra 15Antony and Cleopatra 16Antony and Cleopatra 17Antony and Cleopatra 18Antony and Cleopatra 19Antony and Cleopatra 20