I’m Deb Schell, a travel writer, and photographer, sharing my experiences one trip at a time. I’m on the road to self-discovery on this journey we call life. Up until the pandemic, I had planned to build a career as a travel writer and photographer. After recognizing how challenging that would be, I decided that I'd like to continue creating travel photographs and writing about my adventures on my blog. Now I'm working to learn more about artistic photography and how to create compelling images combining photography, multimedia, and graphic design. 

Published Work

The Matador Network published an article I wrote which highlights mindful destinations in Milwaukee. As a writer for Travel Pulse, I've crafted photo slide shows highlighting "Places to See and Things to Do" as well as writing feature stories about the Location Independent movement and activities like rafting in whitewater.

Artwork Exhibition

I've exhibited my photographic artwork in over 20 venues in the Central Pennsylvania area from 2012 - 2017. I hope to exhibit again in the future. 

Commercial Projects

In the past I've partnered with local businesses to offer photographs of the Harrisburg Area for display in office spaces, hotel guest rooms, and recently in a convention center. If you are a business within Central Pennsylvania and have an interest in working with me, you can email me at [email protected] and visit the Harrisburg Online Gallery to view my photographs of the city.