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Images selected from the 52 Week Photo Project
Harrisburg-based Photographer Debra Schell decided to participate in this project in conjunction with the Lancaster County Photography Meetup Group.
Here's some descriptions of the photographs.

Week 33: Peace
Making this image was a challenge. I was hard-pressed to find something to represent peace. I finally found this fit the project, I was photographing something else, and after the shoot, I started to photograph the river, and later, while editing, discovered this image. I felt it really fit the theme and I shifted colors a bit in Photoshop to make it deeper.

Week 35: Sunset
This image was made while on a walk at Italian Lake in Harrisburg, where many of my images for this project were made. I felt that I wanted to show a full range from the ripples in water to the clouds in the sky.

Week 41: Neighbors
While I could've caught a neighbor in my frame, I liked this more "subtle" reference to neighbors.
Week 41: My Neighbors